A Quick Guide to Approximate Prices


Are you curious about landscape-pricing? Many times people doing research about landscaping are interested in doing something with their landscaping. Often we get inquiries from people who have seen something they like but do not know if they can afford it or not. This page was developed to give some general pricing for some popular landscaping items.


Here is the first number you should think about – the approximate cost of your overall landscaping will probably be between 5 to 10% of the value of your house. This is a very good number to remember, especially if you are building a new home and have no landscaping. Use that number to give you a landscape-pricing budget number for doing the basic landscaping. It can be even higher than that if you want an elaborate landscape.


The estimated costs below are simple that – estimates. I tried to use approximate range of costs associated with certain popular items. However, there is no set price for many items because there are many variables that need to be taken into account when doing a final cost estimate on a project.

Cost factors for any project:

·         All projects pricing is based on the sum of the labor, equipment and materials. There are factors that will drive all of those items up above the basic price.

o   The price of the exact material chosen – In some cases there is a wide variation in the cost of materials. High-end unique products may double or triple the final cost.

o   The access to a project – If access is poor and equipment and materials cannot be easily gotten to the site, the price goes up.

o   Is there removal of old materials prior to installing? Removal and disposal costs add to the final cost.


Most approximate pricing is done by the square foot for items like pavers and retaining walls. To calculate your square footage, take the length times the width. For pavers – the length of a patio or walk times the width (10’ x 15’ = 150 sq. ft.) For walls the length times the total height (25’long x 3’ high = 75 sq. ft).


Approximate Prices – For installed landscaping

Pavers Installed - $13 - $20 per square foot. Usually the lower the square footage, the higher the price. Cost of material is a key factor. Use $15 per square foot for a basic paver installation and you will be close.

Natural Stone walks and patios - $15 - $35 per square foot. The type of material is again a key factor.


Modular Block walls - $20 - $45 per square foot. There is a wide range of prices on these materials.


Fieldstone Boulder walls - $14 - $20 per square foot. Here the material (fieldstone boulders) does not vary much.


Natural Stone walls - $30 - $55 per square foot. Again, price of materials is key.


Sod - $2 - $4 per square yard


Edging $2 - $10 per linear foot – again a wide range of product costs from basic plastic edging to concrete or stone edging.


Water features – They can range from a few hundred dollars for a small self-contained manufactured water feature to $3,000 - $50,000 for more elaborate ponds, waterfalls and streams.


Remember this landscape-pricing guide is an estimated range you may pay. I hope that this helps you quickly determine an approximate price range you may have to pay for any project you may have in mind. However, do not be surprised if the price does not fall within the ranges given. Every project is unique and may have unique considerations that affect the final price.

If you are thinking about landscaping, give Permagreen a call and we will work with you to establish a short term or even long-range budget for you landscaping.

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